Home Search in London, Ontario

Get Pre Approved For a Mortgage

We recommend experienced mortgage agents/brokers with a focus on customer service.  They can meet you in the comfort of your own home and are readily available to advise you in today’s fast-paced environment.  They will also be able to find the best mortgage product and rate to fit your needs.

Meet With The Van Bart Team

Meet with a representative to discuss your wants and needs.  We will set you up to receive listing notifications direct to your inbox, review the buying process in more detail, go over anticipated costs and answer any questions that you may have.  This will simplify the process and save you valuable time.

Viewing Homes

We are readily available to show you homes of your choosing around your schedule.  We will point out things to be aware of as well as mechanical life expectancies and replacement costs.

Make an Offer

We will advise you on fair market value, key points to strengthen your offer as well as our expectation of the final sale price.  We draft all the paperwork with an eye to protect our clients. Sign documents from your phone or computer in seconds. We can also meet you in person.


Once you have an agreement, the deposit is due within 24 hours.  A standard deposit is typically 1% of the purchase price and can be applied towards your down payment.  Strength of the deposit is an important consideration for many Sellers.

Conditional Period

It’s advisable to make your offer conditional upon home inspection and financing.  Insurance, review of condo documents and lawyer’s review are also common conditions.  Once these conditions have been fulfilled, you are ready to finalize the purchase.

Next steps after an Accepted Offer