I Just Bought A Home in London.  Do I Need An Inspection? 

When purchasing a home for sale in London, it can appear to cost you far more than what you set out to spend.  Sometimes that may be true.  Not getting the house that you're going to buy inspected would mean that your brand new home could cost you more than you had been anticipating.  Everybody wants to save cash and generally, we all have a home loan, maintenance costs, utility costs and that's merely a couple of the expenses.  However, the very last thing you want is a costly surprise with your new place.  It shouldn't happen, however, it does from time-to-time.  Eliminating your home inspection isn't a wise move.  Spending only a few hundred dollars can potentially save you thousands of dollars.  Having your soon-to-be property inspected can provide you with reassurance and make your London home purchase much more enjoyable!  

Factors That Home Inspectors Check

A house that is not inspected can put you in trouble.  Therefore, an inspection is said to be a very important procedure to be followed when buying a property.  Even if there are only minor deficiencies found, an inspection offers great peace of mind and can act as an insurance policy for your purchase in that sense.  The reality is that having an inspection on the house that you're planning to purchase is an extremely smart decision.  You will find out in advance how much maintenance is required.  There might be things that you don't wish to repair yourself after you own it and there might be things that need to be repaired that you simply weren't expecting.  The very first thing a home inspector will check out is the exterior, foundation, basement and crawlspace.  Additionally, upon finding signs of things that may be wrong, they will also check for the moisture content within the wood.  Plus they should also be looking for mold, standing water and infiltration. 

Other Duties of a Home Inspection Team

A home inspector will look at your roof, attic space and insulation.  Roofing can be a very expensive fix so they will also look for indications of past water spots or leakage.  Your electrical systems and electrical panels are to be checked also.  It is to be evaluated for correct amperage, type of wiring and safety hazards.  The electrical switches and outlet condition should also be checked to see if they're operating and properly grounded.  The health of the plumbing and hot water heater is also to be checked.  The plumbing should always be checked to make certain there aren't any leaks in the home.  A good inspector will check all of these things in your new home.

A home inspector will inspect all of the necessary things in your home and this will give you ultimate peace of mind.  The above factors are very important to be checked by a home inspector so you should definitely hire one.  Hopefully, this information will help you understand a bit more about what to expect from a home inspection so you won’t hesitate to have your new house in London inspected before you purchase it.

If you need more information or just aren’t quite convinced about hiring a home inspector call Van Bart Real Estate today and we can talk it through.  When you buy a home in London we want you to do it with the utmost confidence.